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Who is it for?

SindleApp is perfect for people who want to be more efficient, portable, and curious. Spend less time
stuck to your computer surfing around for the content you care about.

Read these websites and more on your favorite e-ink Kindle

LifeHacker Engadget The Onion The Guardian New York Times
Gizmodo TechCrunch The Shopify Blog Wired The Verge
Perez Hilton The KISSmetrics Marketing Blog The KindleBoards Blog The eBook Reader


SindleApp eliminates the time wasted by visiting your favorite websites and blogs to read the new articles.


Read your favorite web content offline, anywhere. SindleApp combines the benefits of the internet with the benefits of your Kindle.


Bookmark or subscribe to eMagazines that other people have created and are curating. Have that one friend that always seems to be up to date on the latest stuff you're interested in? Subscribe to their eMagazine. Are you that person? Share your eMagazine with others.

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